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Q&A with the New Boys

With pre season coming to a close, we took the opportunity to catch up with new additions to this seasons squad, Ben Shurmer and Joe Jarvis. They gave us a brief insight into their decision to return to Rangers, thoughts on the squad and predictions for the year ahead......

"Thanks for joining us guys. Ben you are now on your 4th spell with the club and Joe, your 3rd. Why is now the right time to return to London Road?"

JJ: "After 2 good seasons at Bourton, winning the league and cup double, I decided it was right to come home and the chance to work with Gary was a big pull. He always pushes me, making me fitter and a better player. Also i wanted to play at a better standard of football."

BS: "Well, I think the main thing was the lure of working with Gary again. He's probably the best manager in the area. I also need to get myself back to the level I was at a few years ago before my injuries. There's no better place to play in my opinion."

JJ: "Also hearing that Shurm was returning made the decision even easier."

BS: *laughs*

"What are your expectations for the season ahead?"

BS: "I expect us to be pushing towards the top of the table. Hopefully pushing to win a trophy!"

JJ: "I need to just get my head down and work hard, take 1st team opportunities when they come and get fitter. Our success this season will depend on everyone staying fit, especially Martin Tomes."

"Ben, you've been used in a free role over pre season. Is it fair to say that's your best position?"

JJ: *smiling* "If he was fit enough!!"

BS: "Yeah I think it is! Just taking a while to get used to it after so long out. It's been made easier playing behind one of the finest young strikers in the area. Takes the pressure off but also gives me the drive to better myself."

JJ: *Laughs*

"And, Joe, last season at Bourton you were employed predominantly as a holding midfielder. Pre season has seen you being used as a centre half and, manager, Gary Barnett has not hidden his praise for your performances so far. Where do you prefer to play?"

JJ: "I've been at CB since I played at Under 9's for MRFC. I was happy to play in midfield last year but I think it's clear i'm more comfortable at Centre Back."

"Finally, give us your predictions for the season ahead...Where will Moreton finish and who will be top scorer?"

JJ: "Lee Brooks to get over 20 goals and i'd hope for a top 4 finish!"

BS: "I'm going top 3! Lee Brooks, top scorer obviously.."

You can keep up with the lads right here this season. We hope to grab some time with the new backroom staff for our next edition! See you soon!

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