Toony - "No rift with Barnett" and "Connor Moore will challenge Lee Brooks"

Above are just some of the quotes from Reserve Team Manager Dave Toon as he took time out from his standard 84 hour day to answer some of our questions. Just 2 days before his reserve side kick off their campaign in the Witney and District Division 2, we wanted to find out a bit more about their preparation and what we can expect in the months ahead.

Welcome David, are you looking forward to Saturdays game? A new campaign in a new league?

DT: Yeah I am, although I would like some of the lads to answer my text messages!! Hopefully we'll have a squad.

ST: Oh dear, is this a regular struggle/ What is the team looking like?

DT: It's a Very young squad.. A lot haven't trained enough and need minutes. A couple of the 1st team lads needing minutes will hopefully be available and give us some leadership on the field.

ST: Could be an interesting game then! What is your knowledge of the Witney League? Have you done your research?

DT: To be honest, I don't have any experience of this competition. I know the clubs from the kids games, however, that doesn't help me from the adults point of view. I know Bourton have done well in here and we have had some good insight from new signing Joe Jarvis. He was very influential last season for Rovers and has passed on some solid advice.

ST: Any gems you can share??

DT: Yeah of course, wear big shin pads....., Make sure the ankles are strapped....., Don't expect any carpets to play on and we are looking forward to trying out a couple of boozers he has strongly recommended around the Witney area!!

ST: Fantastic!! What are your expectations for the season ahead? Do you have any set targets or has the club given you any performance goals to hit?

DT: The main target is get 11 players every week!!! But, seriously, I would like us to compete and with Connor Moore firing we can challenge. Connor, himself believes he can be our top scorer this season! We need him to challenge Lee Brooks and Ben Shurmer for places in the 1st team.

ST: Away from the squad, how is your relationship with Manager Gary Barnett? Noises have been coming out of the club that there was a rift developing between the two of you and the relationship had broken down.

DT: I think our relationship is very positive. Their is a level of mutual respect their that allows us to shout and ball at each other and exchange views safely. You have to challenge each other and I see that as my role really. Challenge his views and keep him on his toes. He's not getting any younger you know! We always have a beer afterwards and all is good. Unless Gary gets a bottle of red, if that happens everyone is in trouble!!

Thanks to David for joining us! We wish you all the best for the weekend! Be sure to check here on Monday to see how the club performed over the weekend!!!

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