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"Rangers Laying Solid Foundations"

With the weekend approaching once again, it's time to catch up with another member of the Rangers staff. Today we have finally caught new addition to the team Dave Lawrence...........

ST: Morning Dave, great to finally catch up with you. You have been brough in this season by Gary Barnett to aid the squad. How did that come about?

DL: Well basically I wanted to get more involved with sport in the community, football is my passion and so approached the club to see how I could get involved. Gary and I eventually got together, shared a bottle of red and we had similar views on the game and he invited me to have an input with the first team.

ST: That's great. Promoted to the top straight away..... How have you found the experience so far? What is like being in and around the club day to day?

DL: Yeah.... I love it so far. The guys are great and have been very welcoming. A couple of big time charlie's, but nothing I can't deal with or haven't faced before. The squad is young and keen to learn. From watching the team last season, I felt we didn't retain the ball well enough, whereas this season I think we have had over 65% possession easily.

ST: Fantastic stuff. So we owe the good form to you then? Do you have ambitions to take on the top job one day?

DL: Haha of course, i'm like a young Guardiola... I'm top of the Fantasy Premier League as well. I'm not looking to do anything more than learn at present. I think myself and Gary have similar views and that allows me listen and learn.

ST: I was thinking more Rafa Benitez, certainly would explain the dodgy Goatee!! Obviously you've been around the club for a few months now, as it enters a new era with the league change, have you seen enough being done behind the scenes to ensure future success?

DL: First and foremost, the thing that has to be achieved is getting the ground up to scratch. The goal of promotion has to be a realistic one. I would hate to see the club fail due to non-footballing issues. I'm hoping we can drum up the support of the town and local area once more to help us over the line.

ST: So off the pitch is ticking over. On the field, who have you enjoyed watching this season?

DL: Well that's a tough question. Tip for the future has to be Connor Moore. He's certain to surpass anything Lee Brooks achieves at this club. But let me ask you a question Sam, how do you pick an individual when you're +17 goal difference after 2 games?

ST: Very good point, you've had a great start. Lots of goals.... Can we have some predictions for top goal scorer this season and where the Rangers will finish?

DL: Predictable I know, but i'm tipping Brooks to score 30+ this season, providing he stops doing his free-running through Blockley. It's no good for his back. I'll also be bold and say we can win the league.

Rangers are at home again this saturday. kick off is 3pm as they entertain Old Woodstock. Both sides have won both their opening fixtures. We hope it's the home side who can maintan the 100% record this weekend. See you all there!!

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